Welcome to the Redmine system for the Target, ERCET and CIT HPC Projects

Target is an ongoing R&D project in the area of Big Data management at the University of Groningen run by a consortium of academic, public and industry partners. Target is actively involved in data -intensive projects in astronomy, bioinformatics, social sciences and visualization. Many of these projects employ or borrow ideas from the WISE technology developed by Target. Activities within Target are organized in separate projects. Each project has manager(s) who are in charge of their redmine project. Issues on a project level should be directed to the manager of that project. Issues or questions related to the overall Target redmine can be directed to the scientific project manager Rees Williams. In addition to the Target redmine projects, this platform is used by the CIT community for their HPC and other Big Data projects.


project:"Target Infrastructure"

A platform for discussion of the Target hardware infrastructure development, operating system and storage software. Managed by the CIT and OmegaCEN

project:"WISE for Developers"

Documentation for developers of the WISE technology

project:"WISE for Users"

Documentation, user manuals, instruction guides and more for users of the WISE technology. Managed by OmegaCEN, Target Holding and the CIT

project:"Target Communications"

Activities and materials related to Target/ERCET communications and outreach. Managed by the Target/ERCET communications teams

project:"Target Administration"

Minutes/presentations from the liaison meetings and other useful administrative documentation can be found here


Keeps track of activities related to LifeLines, GLIMPS and other bioinformatics projects. Managed by lead partner Target Holding

project:"Energy and Sensor Data"

Keeps track of projects in the energy and sensor data sectors. Managed by lead partner Target Holding

project:"Optical Astronomy"

Keeps track of activities in the area of optical astronomy. Managed by lead partner OmegaCEN

project:"Radio Astronomy"

Dedicated to the LOFAR Long-term archive and other radio astronomy activities

project:"Visual Text Retrieval"

Dedicated to Monk and its valorization. Managed by the ALICE Institute and Target Holding

project:"Big Data Visualization"

Workspace dedicated to Target members involved in visualization projects

Latest projects

  • Peregrine (Jan 13, 2015 02:22 PM)

    Peregrine is the successor of the current millipede cluster. The cluster has been delivered by Dell.

    The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet. It can reach a speed of more than 320 km/h when stooping down on its prey....